About Us

J&T's Gourmet Sauces started out as a homemade barbecue sauce with only one flavor. CEO Achilles Murray is a retired Marine, in his time in the military he was stationed all around the world. In 1999 he lived in Okinawa, Japan with his wife and 3 children. During this time there wasn't much access to sauces and condiments that he enjoyed. He was always barbecuing with his fellow marines and other service members but felt that something was missing. As a result Achilles decided "If you want things done well, do it yourself". He began brainstorming ideas incorporating his California flavor palette as well as using his knowledge of good barbecue. This brought about what is now known today as J&T's Gourmet Sauces. Now selling a total of 4 gourmet flavors and have started production on additional gourmet flavors.